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The Gremlin Society  
We want to create a place where everyone is welcome and free, to move together.
We want to inspire you and share our passion .
We want to help you in what we are best at, find ourself in movements .
Everything comes from freedom of expression. Expression of the movement, to dance, to smile, to be you.
Together we will create a space that is ours, for us . A place where we will share our tears, our laughs even anger.
A place to connect each other, to give a hand to stand up again during a fall or to give you a simple glance of joy.
We want to be with you. Connection , synergy , passion , movement.
We will offer you all types of yoga from yin to yang, from vinyasa to Acroyoga, par yoga, handstand classes, personal training, group training, dance from contemporary to burlesque, meditation and group talk.
Once or twice a months we will be holding workshops ( from handstand to mental coaching).
Courses every second month .
The Gremlin Society is made by us.
We believe that practicing any kind of movement is a privilege,  with this privilege comes a duty to be kind, to share a smile , and to offer our knowledge with our soul .  

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