Our Instructors

Björn Picapao
Flowmotion is inspired buy Capoeira and Movement Culture. We will with the foundation of Capoeira explore how our bodies can move through space, creating beautiful flows by connecting ground movements, tricking and if we feel brave acrobatics.
Charlotta Johansson
started my yoga journey about ten years ago and since then my practice has been, and continues to be a tool to evolve and expand into my truest self. I teach Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative and my intention is to always create a space where you feel safe to authentically express yourself physi
Simon Brandt
Simon Under sina 5 år som yrkesmilitär väcktes SimonFunktionell träning och yoga tillät honom att prestera och undvika skador. Kost, sömn och meditation blev hörnstenar för att återhämta kropp och sinne. Simon har undervisat CrossFit, Yoga och Gymnastik .
Stefania Gremlin
Yoga has been proven to increase health and body awareness allowing yoga participants to better control their bodies. I believe that practicing yoga is a privileged with this privilege comes a duty to be kind, to share a smile , and to offer my yoga with my soul .