Our Instructors

Simon Brandt
Simon Under sina 5 år som yrkesmilitär väcktes SimonFunktionell träning och yoga tillät honom att prestera och undvika skador. Kost, sömn och meditation blev hörnstenar för att återhämta kropp och sinne. Simon har undervisat CrossFit, Yoga och Gymnastik .
Anna Tikva Fleve Eskesen
Yoga has always been a big part of my life. Ever since childhood where i grew up somewhere between my moms yogastudio and my dads karate dodjo, i found my own passion for movement. For me yoga is much more than just the physical practice, but a way of living.
Stefania Gremlin
Yoga has been proven to increase health and body awareness allowing yoga participants to better control their bodies. I believe that practicing yoga is a privileged with this privilege comes a duty to be kind, to share a smile , and to offer my yoga with my soul .
Gabriella Johannesson
My aim as a yoga teacher is to share this moment of acceptance and presence during my classes, while leading you through opening flows and strong postures into relaxation. I will invite you to experience the effect of conscious breathing, to find both physical and mental strength.
Andres Lörinczy
Life will challenge us conituosly during our time here. That is why it is important to challenge ourself, cultivating a courageous and strong mindset, so that when life comes knocking, we open the door and face it head on.